29 April 2012
Lyrics to 'Promise'

There’s an aeroplane
Flying high above the breeze
It’s a cloudless sky
Where there used to be trees

And if you pass that way
Take a picture when you leave
Make you laugh someday
As you fold your memories

And if she makes you stay
To keep her warm and watch TV
When you pass this way again
Promise you’ll remember me

And we will never stop
Making our way to the sea
We will always crave
A little yearning to be free

And if you find that day
One you thought you could be
I hope you’ll notice that
I would never let you see

And if you should ever lack
For some better company
Think of climate changes
And how true the scenery

And if you think it sad
Don’t believe in what you see
Just hold her hand and say
I’m so glad that you love me