06 June 2011
Idle Hand?
Hey ho. As is typical of me, I fail to update this blog regularly. Things happen and whizz past me like blurry figures in a photograph and yet there is much to tell. Although some of it must be done so with a gagged mouth.

Basically I've gone into hiding because I've been involved in a secret musical project which I cannot mention because I've been asked not to disclose the fact that I'm currently involved in a secret musical project about which I must keep mum at all cost, or else risk punishment from the PR department of the company that currently engages me.

Because I cannot divulge any salacious information about the abovementioned project, I must divert your attention to other activities that I've been involved in, or probably will appear in, or maybe these are parallel realities that could be... clouds in my coffee.

My absences... and rare sightings... so rare in fact that I have to tell you about it. LOL.

I haven't been performing much but I did perform at FEYST 2011, organised by Go Group (which is headed by Jasmine Low, one of my most favourite people in KL). It was held over a coupla days in early May at Pavilion KL featuring tons of local bands and invited Swedish folky duo The Harvest (check out their website). Alas, I didn't play the outdoor venue at Pav but at No Black Tie on Monday 9 May together with The Harvest (who are really cool - I got their EP which I love), Reza Salleh, Zalila Lee, Izzy Mohamed, Liyana Fizi, Bo "Bedroom Sanctuary" Amir Iqram, and newcomer Dzamira (who has a sexy husky voice like Fiona Apple). Though I only played 3 songs, the gig terrified me cause I haven't played in a while. But it was nice... as usual, it was only me and the guitar. Liyana came up onstage to join me to sing "Pulau Dendam", which was fun... and to end the night, everyone got up onstage to sing our rather strange untitled collabo... LOL. It wasn't that great I have to admit but we had fun. :-)

The gig was recorded and there are plans to release it. Will keep you posted. :-p

In April, I read a bit... to help promote "Readings By Readings" an anthology of new works (edited by Bernice Chauly and Sharon Bakar) by writers who have previously featured at Readings@Seksan Gallery. I had missed out on the big official launch at MAP@Solaris Dutamas, so I felt obliged to help out at the No Black Tie reading. I read the three poems of mine that were featured in the anthology, along with some candid anecdotes which should not be repeated here because I'm exclusive that way.

I also missed out on the launch of an anthology of German-Malaysian literature... which contains a poem of mine. It's somewhere out there.... I don't even have a copy myself.

More on the poetry front: I found out just the other day that an extract of one of my poems will be set in granite on a sidewalk near a building in KL. I won't spoil the surprise because it will be announced later... look out for it.

I've also been busy writing songs... for a film project by a friend. Again, I shouldn't say much... because it would spoil the surprise. All I can say is that it's a series of ten short films... each short film will feature a song by yours truly. So far I've contributed about four songs, including "I Like" from the first album. The rest of the songs will be new... I'm so tempted to upload them onto my Soundcloud page but that would really truly spoil the surprise. What can I say? Some things in life you just have to wait for.

Do I have anything at all to show for the silence? Well, I've been uploading old tracks from my archive... of old tracks.

Collaborations by jeromekugan

These are a small selection of collaborations, plus one remix, that I've done in the past few years, with Spacebar aka Irman Hilmi who used to be my colleague while I was working at KLue, with Paul Agusta (aka Concrete Aluminium), with Alien Headspace aka Paul Bambury, and a remix of "A Shadow" by Ergo Phizmiz.

Truth be told, I shoulda done more... but I'm a mouse when it comes to collaborations. I've decided that I'm easily intimidated by the confidently talented.

There are some other tracks floating out there that I'd love to upload and just share. In good time.

In other news, I'd been in and out of mourning, read a few books, watched a few movies, went out on a date that didn't really go anywhere, got new flatmates, bought a new pair of shoes, got lots of hugs, met a cute guy from Canada who wanted to ask me about art. I'd also been reconciling with an ex - yes, there are lingering feelings... old dreams appearing... romantic fool that I am.

And then there's a cute guy in Sydney who's keeping a moustache for me. I feel blessed. :-)