19 February 2010
New Year, The Weekend Sessions & Farewell to a Friend
Hi folks, Happy (belated) New Year! I haven't updated this blog in a while. But it's OK... you guys don't read it anyway. LOL. Just kidding. I've been busy mostly with work at the gallery and life outside the gallery... life that oily substance... just when you think you've got a good grip on it, it salmons its way out of your hands.

Good news is I've also been busy writing new songs. None of which will ever see the light of day unless I accidentally flip into a bottomless puddle of moooooolah this very instant. Oui. The frustrations of independent music making. Of course, I shouldn't blame it entirely on poverty. It's also my finicky nature. "Should I?" "Should I not?" At the moment, I'm pretty much content to just record home demos on my Zoom H2 and putting them on my iPod and listening to them all the time while I'm out and about.

But I have been performing. Here and there... thanks to Esam Salleh (aka Slowjaxx) and Ethaya (of Cloth &Clef) for inviting me to play at the mega-gig that was Disko Papan versus Clef Tunes last month. They apologised for the sound pollution coming from downstairs during my gig... at one point, I couldn't hear myself. But on with the show... you know...

I also performed for The Wknd Sessions. Thanks to Fikri Fadzil for inviting me onto the show... even though I did wage a six-month passive aggressive campaign to get onto the show. Just ask his brother Fahmi... heh heh heh. No sweat, no gain, I say!

I performed four songs - "I Like" and "Tomas" from the album, plus new songs "Goliath" and "Let You Go" (but they only put up two of the vids, for "Tomas" and "Let You Go"- for the show, plus a little interview with cute little Azza Yusof, who used to intern for Junk while I was editor at KLue. To the haters who think Azza's a bad host, you guys need to loosen up!

Anyway, to see videos of the performances and interview, go to http://www.the-wknd.com/sessions/22-jerome-kugan/

What you think of the emo haircut and extra-thick glasses? Dorrrrky or not?

Now, on a more sombre note... I would like to extend my deepest and sincerest condolences to all who knew and loved the talented and beautiful Caecar Chong who passed away yesterday morning after battling cancer for the past two and a half months. I knew Caecar since 2002 when he started up Space Spirit Studio with Philip Leong. Used to attend some of Lee Kwang's early gigs there. It was fun hanging out with KL's underground music freaks back then. Subsequently I knew him as he grew to become an amazing dancer with Nyoba Kan. He always very zen and had the best hairstyles! I really envied his sense of grace and style... ah but it was because I admired and regarded him as a wonderful artist and human being. I also had a huge crush on him... and he understood my stupid sense of humour. LOL.

I will miss you my friend.

I wrote a poem last night after I came back from his wake. To honour Caecar's memory. It's called "Last Dance (for Caecar)". You can read it here.

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