26 November 2009
New Songs

I've written quite a few songs this year. Quite a productive year now that I think of it, even though I haven't really put out that much new stuff. I've actually finished writing the basic songs I'm planning to put in the second album since the early half of this year. But recording will only probably begin in the new year. I'm still figuring out how to record it. Maybe it's time to finally build that home recording studio like I've been threatening to do all these years.

Still, I've continued writing songs and now I have roughly enough songs to fill two albums and more.

And now I'm writing material for a third album that I'm sort of thinking about.

So far, I've made a few home demo recordings of the latest bunch of songs and been listening to them on my iPod. Sometimes I play them on the sound system at the gallery where I work when it's empty. I must say they're kind of morose. Most of the new songs are about kinda cliched stuff about losing at love, or feeling disenchanted by everything, bla bla bla.... but it's all part of the cathartic process.

I played a few of them during the No Black Tie gig the other week. I'm still not very confident playing the new stuff onstage. Mostly due to my poor ability to memorise the lyrics and chords... it'll take me another year to really get inside the songs. But a few have come to be favourites of mine... and I'll most probably include these in my repertoire. Two especially, called "Goliath" and "Mystery Boy". I quite like these two.

"Goliath" is based on the David versus Goliath story in the Bible, and it's written from David's point of view. It's about surrendering to one's instincts regadless of the consequences.

And "Mystery Boy" is inspired by an experience I had with someone I met last year. I wrote a poem for him and about him called "Mystery Boy" and he liked it. But things kind of ended badly and the song is the aftermath of it - all these strange and confusing feelings that welled up inside.

So, anyway, the one strange thing about the new songs is that I don't strum on most of them. They're mostly plucked. I'm not exactly sure what that means.... but maybe it's leading the songs into a more intimate direction.

I've thought about just recording them as they are, just me and guitar. But I don't know yet...

One of the exciting things about songwriting and making music is figuring what should go where. At the moment, I'm still in the sketching stage. And when I'm not sketching, I'm thinking and dreaming.

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Blogger abe said...
hey, nice to see you here.
very nice songs from popfolio.

we met in the annexe in klcmf 09.

Blogger JK said...
Hi Abe, thanks for dropping by. :-)