28 October 2009
New song uploaded to MySpace - "We Are Meant To Be"
Just uploaded a new song to the MySpace account. Click here to listen to it.

The song is called "We Are Meant To Be" and I wrote almost two years ago with the intention of releasing it as part of a collection of electronic-based songs I was composing at the time. (I wrote WAMTB around the same time I wrote "A Different Beat".) Unfortunately... so the story goes... my hard drive crashed and I lost all the original files I had for the song. My intention was to work on the songs a bit more... but I guess it was just meant to be (I know, I know, I should've backed up all that stuf -- the irony was right before the crash I bought an external HD for that purpose... just unfortunate timing).

Anyway, before the crash, I made a mixdown mp3 and put it on my iPood. And that's how this mp3 survived... and instead of allowing it to languish forever in the desert of nowhere, I decided to upload it onto the MySpace account for everyone to hear... the could-have-been.

The song is about love, destiny, melancholy, sleeplessness.



(Music & Lyrics by Jerome Kugan)

I see you now disarmed of your clothes
Your eyes folded still dead to the world
I see you now walking a clothesline
Your arms outstretched still thinking you could fly

I see you now kicking away your sheets
Your bed is a desert and your mouth a lie
I see you now dreaming of music
Someone's whispers turn into a song
I see you now looking for a face
Touching every face, all the sleeping faces

I see you now, You're floating in my hands
You're dancing in my head, I think you understand
That we are meant to be, We are meant to be
In life or in death, you've replaced the thing I once called God

We are meant to be
We are meant to be

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