20 April 2009
Society of the Spectacle... update
This is a bit of a non-event but "Society of the Spectacle" is currently being laid out in Microsoft Word... ha ha ha.

It's my second chappybook of poems for 2009. I don't know how much longer this sudden publishing frenzy is going to last. I've started writing for my third chappy... but maybe I should take a break...

This new one is inspired by Malaysian politics, especially now... and what's been happening in the past year. I borrowed the title from Guy De Bord's book, "Society Of The Spectacle" .... which I haven't even read yet... ha ha ha... I'm such a loser... ha ha ha...

Oh I love the chaos and confusion!

At any rate... hmm... there are 26 poems altogether... most of them written very fast and direct or whatever... a bit crude also in many places... lol...

I don't know what to do for the cover yet... this one of a skeleton angel I stole from somewhere doesn't quite fit.

So far I've posted some of the poems appearing in the chappybook on my Imaginary Poem blog and on Facebook.

I'll post some more... here's one...


Sex Game

If you want me, you have to come and find me
among the rubble
of missing bodies and nameless ones.

On top of the mountains of never ending
court documents.
That’s where the pieces of me
will be.

And when you’ve put the charred pieces
of my beautiful body back together,
you can ask me:
“Why did you have to go and get yourself blown up?”

And I would answer: “Well,
I didn’t want to speak. So they forced a gun in my mouth.
And then they asked me the question
one more time.”

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