06 April 2009
A Different Beat - New song uploaded to MySpace
My old hard drive crashed sometime in December last year during a most traumatic period in my life. Sigh.


Aside from losing at love, I lost a few music projects. Including the Nuendo project file for this song that I wrote and recorded sometime in December 2007. This one managed to survive the drive crash thanks to me having emailed it to a friend. So... yeah... I was intending to rework the song a bit more and recording it for real in some fancy shmancy studio... complete with an Extreme Makeover turning Jerome the folkie into some disco bunny. But that's a story that will probably not happen... it's all MIDI programming and yeah (the budget for my bunny ear transplant was spent instead on a new hard drive). Like my ex would've said: c'est la vie!

For what it's worth, here it is, uploaded onto my MySpace... a housey kinda dancey song - "A Different Beat"



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