24 April 2009
Bali Spirit Festival 2009
Yep. I'll be flying off next Wednesday to go to Bali Spirit Festival 2009. It's an annual festival in Ubud, Bali, dedicated to yoga, dance and music. I'll be performing two sets in the fest. There's a whole lot of other musicians from around the world. I'm quite excited and very much looking forward to it. This will be my second time in Ubud. First time was during the Ubud Writers Fest in 2005. It's always a lot of fun being asked to perform at festivals. My last time performing in a fest was last year's Urbanscapes at KLPac which was so much fun (even though I had the worst hangover from drinking too much on my birthday... ha ha ha).

Also performing at Bali Spirit Fest is my fellow Sabahan Mia Palencia!


And of course on the top of my list of priorities while in Ubud is to try babi guling!

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