02 March 2009
JK + Sherry Double Bill @ No Black Tie on 9 March
JK + Shery Double Bill
No Black Tie
Monday 9 March, 8.30pm
Admission Free


One of my favourite local singer songwriters, Sherry aka Shahridir, will be performing in a double bill with me on Monday 9 March at No Black Tie, one of my favourite venues in town. The gig came about thanks to an invitation from NBT owner Evelyn Hii, who organises the series of Acoustic Monday performances at the venue.

It's really an honour to be playing alongside Sherry. The guy is an awesome musician and really humble and nice to boot. But then most of the singer songwriters I know are really awesome people... maybe I should be a bitch just to shake things up... you know, maybe pick a fight with Mei Chern. LOL...

For my set on 9 March, I'll be playing two 35-minute sets. And so will Sherry (who will be accompanied by Nizam that amazing percussionist, playing the cajon -- that box-looking thingamajig!). I'll be playing a selection of originals, including new songs I've been writing for the second album. I'll also throw in a few covers... I'm thinking of playing "On The Street Where You Live" from My Fair Lady and "Being Alive" from Company. Maybe I'll do "Tainted Love" again with Sherry... and maybe, just maybe... Leonard Cohen's "Famous Blue Raincoat."

The best thing about the whole gig is that it's absolutely FREE! No cover charge at all!

So please come if you can... I'll be giving out free kisses all night to whoever's feeling a bit on the downlow.


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