05 February 2009
Video Stars
Everyone loves YouTube for personal reasons.

I like watching music videos. And I've embedded some of my favourites here.

I like it when they're trashy and funny. Or weird and fantastic.


[Note: Those who are reading this on Facebook will have to hop over to my blog to see the vids.]

The selection below includes vids by Roisin Murphy, Goldfrapp, Grace Jones, Bjork, Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Grizzly Bear, Jose Gonzalez, Sufjan Stevens and Ed Bassmaster... yes, Ed Bassmaster the guy who likes dogs...

Roisin Murphy hangs out with trannies in "Movie Star"

Goldfrapp celebrates trashy glamour in "Ride A White Horse"

Grace Jones wants to eat you in "Corporate Cannibal"

Bjork rides a river with strange friends in "Wanderlust"

Bonnie "Prince" Billy pays strangers to make out in "Lay & Love"

Grizzly Bear sink in quicksand in "Knife"

Jose Gonzalez flirts with paperdolls in "Hand On Your Heart"

Sufjan Stevens performing "To Be Alone With You" live - nothing special about the vid, I just love the song :-)

And of course... Ed Bassmaster... "I Like Dogs"

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