12 February 2009
Get Ready For The Massacre
Yep. I'll be performing this Friday and Saturday night at The Annexe Gallery with lots of other people at Torch Song Massacre.

All the performers are partnered up. I'm partnering with Sherry, one of my favourite local singer songwriters. Together we're doing a 4-song set, each doing an original song and a cover. My original song is "You Will Be Mine", which I wrote last year and have been performing in most of my recent gigs. It's a song based on Thomas Mann's novel Death In Venice. And also I'm covering Soft Cell's "Tainted Love" -- a favorite of mine from the New Wave scene of the 1980s. Sherry will accompany me on both songs. He truly is an amazing guitarist!

I'm dedicating both songs to Julien, my ex. Some of my friends may think that's rather tragic. But since the two nights are about tragic love songs... LOL... I think the gesture is rather fitting.

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Two Nights of Tragic Love Songs - On Friday the 13th & Valentine's Day

Fri 13 & 14 Feb, 2009, 8.30pm
Presented by The Annexe Gallery
Admission RM25 (Adults), RM20 (Students)

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Ah... tragic love songs. They have given cold comfort to countless lonely, miserable fools who are carrying their torches for their lost loves, keeping their flames alive in vain.

Where would we be without these gloomy tunes to soundtrack our pitiful moments of rejection and despair? From Billie Holiday to Madonna to P Ramlee, self-piteous tragic love songs are proof that not even the wisest among us have figured out that love comes with no warranty. But we know you love the pain.

Come join us at The Annexe Gallery as we present Torch Song Massacre, two nights of tragic love songs as performed by some of KL's best music and stage talents, including: Shanon Shah, Azmyl Yunor, Junji Delfino, David Gomes, Shanthini Venugopal, Llew Marsh, Zalina Lee, Sherry, Panda Head Curry?, 13 Voices In My Head, Jerome Kugan + special guest Rohaizad Suaidi.

Come with your Valentine date, or lone ranger if you must, and watch in delightful horror as these masters of tragedy butcher your favourite songs of heartbreak and make you cry, laugh and cry some more.

There will be a Mystery Misery Lucky Draw for the unfortunate ones in the audience!
For the rest, there will be a bar set up where you can drown your sorrows at reasonable prices.

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