04 February 2009
In Search Of The Perfect Rabbit
I plan to have two tattoos done this year. One will be a rabbit.

Of course, the hardest thing about tattoos is not so much the pain or the cost. But the design...

So I'm looking for the perfect rabbit.

Nothing cute.

Nothing furry.

Nothing stupid.

I found this image of a rabbit online and really like it. Pensive and ambivalent.

I think I'll borrow and turn it into a tat.


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Blogger mymymyohmy said...
So I guess you're ok with a scary rabbit in... yeah, what is he actually wearing? Is it a bathing suit or is he about to go to bed? Or perhaps that's how they dress in the bunny asylum? A little bunny straight jacket...

How about this one? She's quite famous... you might get into copyright problems though...

Good luck with the search... :-)

Blogger JK said...
Copyright problems with tattoos???