02 February 2009
Comic Intervention
Yeah... life sometimes take a tumble through the Republic of Self-Piteous Miserablisms.

Although I have much to be thankful for in my life - wonderful friends in KL, a nifty job, family members who love me despite my strangeness and loving vibes all around - there is still that heartbrake episode early this year that I'm still trying to get over.

It comes and goes. I've written poems about it... LOL... click here to read them...

But... as I've said, it comes and goes. Some days I feel like screaming. Some days I'm fine and dandy. Today's one of those days when I'm just sadly reminiscing about his face, his smell, his hair, his voice, his conversation topics...

Oh well... it's strange. I don't usually write such frank things about my personal life. I guess he affected me more than I thought was possible. And he's still affecting me... the motions, people... it's the motions!

His name I've already mentioned in a previous post about that song.

Hey... look on the bright side... maybe I can milk more songs and poems out of this... LOL.

Still... however... alas... would anyone forgive me if I say that all I really want more than anything is to be with him again?

So fuckin sad.

Oh well... at least it'll prepare me for the Torch Song Massacre gig at Annexe Gallery... I'll be singing tragic love songs for it... how fuckin awful... someone drown me in KY jelly now!

Time to suck my thumb and listen to Bonnie...