06 February 2009
Au Contraire, Mein Herr
Contrary to common knowledge, I don't not follow the political goings-on in our fairly unjust country. Two in particular which have really captured the country's attention have also swung like a gaggle of hooting macaques into my brain.


Macaques... dreadful animals...

1. The Kugan Case

I had wanted to do a funny blog on the Kugan police brutality case but that would've been tasteless... our collective modesty should be outraged. Killers in uniform!

Even if Kugan had been guilty of theft, his sentence wouldn't have been death. No one has the right to take another person's life away like that. The police force is meant to protect, not kill. It's not the first case, for sure. I can only imagine the countless number of unreported cases. The police department and related governing bodies have to be made accountable for this. And the officers should be charged and tried and imprisoned for what they did. No one should be above the law.

Still it was kind of uncanny when I read the news online while back home for CNY and saw "Kugan Murders" among the headlines. A friend remarked to me a few days ago that he was so glad that I'm safe. He had thought I got thrown into jail and had been lynched because of my piercings. LOL. And then came that I Am Kugan campaign... oh...

"No, but I am actually Kugan."
"No, you're not."
"Yes, I am."
"How can you be a real Kugan if everyone claims to be Kugan?"

2. Silver Frogs
And then there is Perak... what can I say? It's undemocratic, unethical. And people are asking: "How can? How can?" Oh yes they can! They've done it before... in Sabah in the 1990s... when the Federal government manouevred and brought down the-then-Opposition Parti Bersatu Sabah.

Ironically, if I'm not mistaken, that manure-vre was executed by then DPM Anwar. And now, well... Najib may seem villainously triumphant, but the real disappointment was how Pakatan wanted to do it in the first place, after the March 8 elections. They didn't manage to pull themselves together to do it, of course. But the intention was made public. And now everyone's crying foul over BN's wangledoodling.

Clearly, something is very amiss with Pakatan's political mission.

Which makes me think: what really is Malaysian politics if not just another pissing contest for overgrown boys in overpriced silk batik drag?

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