16 February 2009
The Actors Studio Farewell Gigs
All good things come to an end... The Actors Studio at Bangsar Shopping Centre is closing down after many years of presenting some of the best theatre in town. I remember watching many plays, dance and music performances there, including Jit Murad's Spilt Gravy On Rice which remains one of the best Malaysian plays I've ever seen ... but I've never performed there myself... (Why ah?)

... until now that is! I'll be performing three songs this Friday at TAS Bangsar, alongside a whole lot of other talented musicians, as part of the theatre's farewell celebrations this weekend (which goes on with more celebrations next week!!!).

Still, it's a bit of a shame that my first and only time performing on the stage of TAS Bangsar will also be the last. It's like finally getting to score with the guy I've been eyeing for the longest time only to find out he's leaving for Antartica the next day. Bummer...

Well, at least it'll be a blast... I haven't performed alongside these guys and gals for a while so I'm definitely looking forward to be part of it all.

All the gigs are FREE btw! Just pick up your tickets from the box office!

The full lineup below:

Friday 20 February, 8.30pm
Tan Sei Hon
Ida Lisa
Jerome Kugan
13 Voices In My Head
Peter Brown and Markiza
Tony Leo
With guest appearances by Pang Khee Teik and Priya K

Saturday 21 February, 8.30pm
Ariff Akhir
Wani Ardy
Azmyl Yunor
Edwin & Albert
Silent Scenery
With guest appearances by Fahmi Fadzil and Ciplak

Sunday 22 February, 3pm
Ian Chow
Jasemaine Gan
Izzy Mohamed
Broken Scar
Rashdan Harith
With guest appearance by Farah Rani

All shows hosted by the irrepressible Fahmi Fadzil!