23 January 2009
Happy Chinese New Year 2009
Behold a sexy image for CNY I did in Photoshop with two images I stole online. Why? Just because CNY imagery can sometimes get a bit too dim...

Yes... I am half Chinese, which is why I celebrate Chinese New Year. My mum is Hakka and dad was Sino Kadazan, making me actually 3/4 Chinese, with the Kadazan side making up the rest of it.

Still, I don't look very Chinese... in fact, when in KL most people think I'm Malay.

When I was studying in Australia or other countries overseas, people have mistaken me for Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese, Japanese, Singaporean (?) and even Sydney-ite... but never Malaysian. LOL...

Sadly, with 3/4 Chinky lineage... I never learnt neither my mother nor father tongue. I can say a few words in Hakka, with a horrible accent... I can understand the general drift of Cantonese because I used to watch HK TVB soaps with my mum. But no Kadazan... sad... it's rather embarassing when I meet other Sabahans and they ask me something in Kadazan and I'm like "Par lez vous Anglais?"

To make things worse, I'm not a very Chinese or Asian kind of person. Neither am I very Western (I'm a "failed banana", a friend once commented)... but I eat almost everything and I can take cili padi (LOL). My outlook on life is just kinda bohemian, I guess, though lacking the pretentiousness that would've made it a bit more classy in that bourgeois fashion. When I'm on my own, I don't really think much of race. And since I grew up in a very urban environment, the culture that I relate to is popular culture, though this doesn't exclude the allure of myth and folklore.

I guess I am Malaysian in that sense... a kind of amalgamated identity... a postcolonial creation.

Still, Chinese New Year is the one time I set aside for family. I've only ever missed the reunion dinner twice in my 33 years. And I don't intend to miss anymore.

What was the point of this post?

Oh yea... Happy Chinese New Year!