23 January 2009
Gigs in February, March & April
Hurray! I got a few gigs lined up in the next three months! Got the dates here just in case you're too poor to afford Coldplay tickets...

13 + 14 Feb - Torch Song Massacre @ The Annexe Gallery
A whole lot of musicians, singers, actors will come together for two nights of torch and unrequited love songs at The Annexe Gallery. (PS: Valentine's Day gifts most welcome...) More details to be announced very soon.

20 Feb - TAS Finale Gig @ The Actors Studio Bangsar
Yes, TAS is closing down... sigh. To celebrate all the great memories that have transpired there, there will be three nights of music and reading performances by some of the best singer songwriters in KL. I'll be playing a 15-min set on the first night's bill. More details later...

9 Mar - Acoustic Monday @ No Black Tie
I'll be doing a double bill with Sherry & Nizam - I love these guys! - at NBT. I'll be doing two 35-minute acoustic sets of originals and covers. Admission free.

29 Apr to 9 May - Bali Spirit Festival 2009 @ Ubud, Bali
Woo-ha! I'll be letting my hair down (I'll buy a wig) in Bali for a whole week. Bali Spirit Fest is a five-day celebration of yoga, dance and music - perfect for a hedonist bohemian like me. (PS: Spacecake most welcome!)
More details later...

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