17 October 2008
Emergency Festival presents Disko Darurat!

I think I'm one of the worst DJs in the world. But that hasn't stopped me from torturing my friends with my playlists. Ha ha ha... So God only knows why Mark Teh, who's one of the chief organisers of Five Arts Centre's Emergency Festival (currently happening at The Annexe Gallery) was thinking when he asked me to be a part of the festival as a DJ for two nights of Disko Darurat! LOL...

The first Disko Darurat happened on Thursday night 16 Oct, mostly attended by friends and Five Arts members. I tried playing songs that had a "revolution" theme to it, although somewhere about halfway through, I thought: Fuck it. And so it became a proper dance party. And then along th e way it morphed into something weird. People were breaking out into interpretetive dance, conga lines and throwing pillows in the air. 

A blonde girl came up to me, while I was ruminating over the playlist, and asked in a Germanic accent: "I really like your set. Do you play anywhere else in KL? Like in a club or something?" I smiled and shook my head no, of course. I had no idea what I was doing...

See you at the second night of Disko Darurat on Saturday 25 October at The Annexe Gallery, starting 10pm. Admission Free.

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