25 August 2008
Merdeka Cafe @ Art For Grabs
I'll be performing. Woohoo! At Merdeka Cafe @ Art For Grabs, The Annexe Gallery this weekend. On 31st August, from 4.30pm to 5pm. I'll be performing six songs on the guitar, three from the album, three new.

Ze tentative tracklist. Subject to change.
1. I Like
2. The Dreamer & The Tombstone
3. The Magic Word
4. A Good Lover
5. You Will Be Mine
6. Tomas

There's lotsa other folks performing for Merdeka Cafe. Poets and singer songwriters, celebrating 51:45 in verse and song. All of them are wonderful.

Here's the flyer.

And here's the full performance schedule.


Sat 30 to Sun 31 AugAnnexe Gallery 1,
2nd Floor, Central Market Annexe

Sat 30 Aug
1pm to 3pm: Gemerlapan, Izzy Mohamed, Priya Kulasagaran, Zalila Lee
3.30pm to 6pm: Sherry, Black, Azmyl Yunor, Alina Rastam, Meor

Sun 31 Aug
1pm to 3pm: Peter Hassan + Markiza, 13 Voices In My Head, Liyana Yusof + Alia Ali, Mei Chern
3.30pm to 5pm: Fathulistiwa Soundscapes, Bernice Chauly, Jerome Kugan
6pm to 7pm: Malaysian Artistes For Diversity featuring Ning Baizura, Ida Nerina and more!

Look for the Facebook entries for Art For Grabs and Merdeka Cafe! Plus don't forget to check Seksualiti Merdeka. Very important that one!