28 April 2008
"This Excellent Love" #1 at Rentak Sejuta, Doppelganger, and bla bla...
The guys from Rentak Sejuta, a website dedicated to covering all sorts of music, have been busy covering concerts all over KL including my album launch at the Annexe, Acoustic Jaya@Jaya One, and Impulse@Republic last Saturday. I met husband and wife team Kumar and Anastasia who run the site and had wonderful conversations with them. They told me the other day that they were going to choose "This Excellent Love" as the #1 song for the Rentak Sejuta chart, which is determined by them... LOL... No SMS voting at all... ha ha ha

I'm also the Artiste Of The Month at Rentak Sejuta... :-p

Here's a clip of me performing "This Excellent Love" at Acoustic Jaya. Shot by the guys from Rentak Sejuta. :-) Thanks you guys!


For those who have been enquiring about where to buy my CD, unfortunately there's a bit of delay in getting it in the stores. Basically, I've been too busy at work to go to the distributor's office. It's terrible, I know. I should be more professional. I wish I had a car. LOL... but soon, I promise you.

For now, you can get the CD directly from me at the live gigs.

And since I'll be starting work at the Central Market Annexe soon, you can buy it directly from me there... :-)

I also managed to drop off some copies at the merchandise shop in KLPAC and the box office at The Actors Studio in Bangsar Shopping Centre. There'll be more shops that'll carry the CD in the coming months. :-)


I'll be performing this Sunday, 4 May, at Doppelganger at Marketplace, off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng... alongside Singletrackmind, Oh Chentaku, and Rasdan Harith... followed by an open mic section. I'm looking forward to it. :-) Always nice to play at a new venue.

After that, I'll be taking a little break from gigging; starting my new job at Central Market Annexe, and then going back to KK at the end of May for a one-week break. A friend asked me to launch the album in KK... ha ha ha... I'm not sure if KK's ready for the kind of music I make... At any rate, I'll be launching it for my family... at home... in front of the CD player and chicken... cause chicken is mum's favourite food... LOL.

But no fear. I'll be playing some more shows in KL in June and July! :-)

And possibly taking a posse of singer songwriters and poets from KL up to Penang... Penang yesterday was so nice... I miss that sea breeze!

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