06 April 2008
Dress Code: Fancypants!

Irman from the office put forth a query to me the other day... regarding the album launch dress code "fancypants"... LOL... specifically what constitutes as permissible within that oft-misunderstood code.

So: what is "fancypants"?

Well... a specific definition would be a pair of bifurcated garment that one doesn't usually wear, preferably flashier than one's usual taste in outerwear.

For instance, if one is a fan of loose, beige slacks with pleats, then fancypants in this case would/could be skinny purple corduroy pants that show off one's thighs, ass and crotch.

For someone who wears the latter on a regular basis, kudos to you -- in such case, perhaps "fancypants" could be something louder, with sequins, or a pair of really skimpy cutoffs, or a complete opposite fashion statement such as a pair of customised pyjama bottoms (dyed shocking pink for effect, and doused with liberal lashings of pearly marker -- not that pearly marker, mind you).

Leather pants can pass off as fancypants. Vinyl even better.
Furry, animal-print pants are perfect...

Colourful, hippy pantaloons of the sort that Markiza of Soft Touch has worn out in public can pass off as fancypants.

Those polyester pants that come with the baju Melayu ensemble can pass off as fancypants. Conversely, those funky trousers that are worn by Chinese lion dancers are definitely fancy. Basically, most ethnic trousers are pretty fancy in our urbanised milieu.

Loincloth, fundoshi, cawat, speedos, bicycle shorts are for the brave and confident... and although they don't cover much, I consider these fancypants... especially when paired with a burly pair of Doc Martens.

Gwen Stefani pants with bum flaps are definitely admissible as fancypants.

Expensive designer trousers are fancy anywhere... 'nuff said.

Pants that are part of a uniform ensemble... camos, sailor trousers, those shockingly tight traffic policeman pants with the wide chalkline running along the sides... when taken out of their usual contexts, can all pass off as fancypants!

White, skimpy, tennis shorts... yes, they are quite fancy... with the addition of colourful pantyhose or leggings, yes, definitely...

Torn denim jeans... well... if you rip more holes in it and wear bright red stockings under it, yes!

Shorts... well... since I wear these all the time, why not? But how about making it look louder by wearing a pair of bright soccer socks with it? :-)

Can a fancy skirt pass off as fancypants?

This one's to clarify some queries I've received from some girl friends who say they've got fancy skirts. Hmm... obviously a skirt is not bifurcated. But then again, who am I to be such a Nazi when it comes to these dress code thingies... am I like P Diddy, who turns people away if they're not wearing all white to his white parties? Certainly not.

So: the answer is yes, of course, you can wear fancy skirts!

Dresses, yes!

But then you've got to make it fancy, over the top, fabulous, fun and crazy, OK! Go princess!

This is not mean to be some subdued casual event... it's a party, goddarnit!

As for guys who asked whether or not they can wear sarongs... well, only if they're shockingly unpolite!

Kilts... yes... if you're scared to go commando like a real kiltie should, we won't hold it against you.

If you want to come in full drag, please do... we welcome all sorts!


At the end of the day, the "fancypants" code basically sketches out an attitude. Come with bold, brave fashion statements... that's really what it's saying...
And bring your cameras... no one should go un-immortalised wearing his/her fancypants!

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