12 April 2008
Downtime... Post-Launch

Sorry to all who've been visiting my blog in the past two weeks. I haven't been able to update because the Internet connection at home has been down since a lightning storm that zapped my housemate Lennard's modem. Lennard's fine, btw -- it's the modem that didn't make it.


Anyway, to recap all that's happened in the past two weeks. We had the launch! Hurray! Ooi Nee did a rough head count and estimated that around 150 people turned up. Lots of familiar and new faces, supporters, curious friends of friends and... yes... the ones who came to party (you know who you are!). Thanks to all who came! And muchos gracias to all who bought CDs and supported local music. There were quite a few people for whom it was their first time watching an acoustic indie gig, so yep, I hoped it reached out to them peeps too. Yep, yep, yep. I think it's fair to say it was an all-round success. One word: excellent!

All the performers -- Azmyl Yunor (accompanied by Keng), Tan Sei Hon, Bulimia (Anum and her Chorus Boys Simon and Zedeck), Ferns (acoustic set, playing new songs too), Priya K (who sold almost all her zines), and Bernice Chauly, plus Aziz who accompanied me on trumpet and Shahril Nizam who came up onstage and sang a cover of Feist's "Let It Die" with me -- were amazing! I love you all... ah... and not the least, Sarchan and Danny Lim for playing those rocking tunes after the show. :-) It felt like a house party!

And let's not forget the wonderful setting! It was all Ooi Nee (who co-ordinated the launch), Lainie (who designed the space) and Danny (who helped with press and everything)... plus Pang Khee Teik (who oversaw from Annexe side, helped us out with everything... bringing lights and printing out the huge sticker of the album artwork with Benjamin McKay)... and all the volunteers who turned up -- Shefa, Mien Lor, Sharon Chin, Zedeck Siew, Hardesh Singh, Nikki Tok, Adlin Rosli and Ayu -- you guys rocked big time!

There are lots of photos of the event on Facebook... I didn't take many photos myself... not having a camera is one problem -- plus I was busy manning the sound desk that night... ha ha ha... I'll try to load up some pics when the Internet connection at home decides to do the Lazarus trick.

Thanks to the girl (Mei Ling!) who brought me the bag of gummy bears... that was such a sweet gesture. I shared them with my office mates who wanted to know where you got them... yum!

Acoustic Jaya

The weekend after the launch, on 18 and 19 April, at Jaya One (a new shopping-hangout hub opposite UTAR), I hosted a new singer songwriter showcase called Acoustic Jaya (Lennard and I came up with the name! LOL), which was organised as part of a Food Promo thingy that's happening at Jaya One until the end of May (if you come, you stand to get some nifty vouchers). Though attendance was kind of low... I kinda expected it cause of the rain rain rain and also cause Jaya One is still quite new and also because my Internet died and I couldn't send out invites and notices in time(!). LOL... anyway, the performers -- Azmyl Yunor, Tan Sei Hon, Estrella and yours truly -- had a lot of fun over the two nights. It's actually quite a nice venue, lots of space, a half-decent sound, good security, some nice eateries, and lots of parking! And it feels good to be part of the first arts-oriented event that's organised in such a supportive venue. FYI, Jaya One is also where PJ Live Arts is opening, sometime end of 2008 or early 2009. For those who don't know, PJ Live Arts is going to be an arts centre, with a 300-seater theatre, with offices housing some arts companies, academy and so forth. I reckon that when PJ Live Arts opens, the place will be bustling with all sorts of artsy folks.

For now, Acoustic Jaya is happening weekly until May. This week Friday and Saturday, 8.30pm to 10pm, features Ian Chow as host, presenting Nick Davis, Leo Selvaraj and Otam. :-) The week after will feature Acoustic Jaya Comedy Sessions featuring the Comeback Kings doing their stand up routine.

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