06 April 2008
Album launch people!

Gearing up for the album launch... the wheels are in motion! The details are in the flyer on the blog's masthead. But just in case you need to read it again, it's happening on 12 April at The Central Market Annexe. The door opens at 8:30pm and performances start at 9pm sharp!

Aside from yours julie, the other performers who will be featured at the launch are among my favourite musicians, poets and human beings in KL.

Azmyl Yunor
My fellow Troubadours Enterprise partner-in-crime is also one of the hardest working singer songwriter/musician on the local indie music scene. Not only does he perform solo acoustic sets of his wonderful jangly (and often beautifully ruminative) songs about his life's adventures, he is also guitarist of Ciplak (one of my favourite experimental instrumental bands!) and member of EMACM (short for Experimental Artists And Musicians Co-op of Malaysia). He's currently recording his album.

Tan Sei Hon
My other Troubadours cohort, Sei Hon's one of the first singer songwriters I had the fortunate opportunity to meet in KL. Although he doesn't perform so often these days, whenever he does, I really think he's one of a kind. Engaging, sardonic and accomplished, his solo acoustic sets are a lyrical tour de force of social and class observations. Not many local singer songwriters dare tackle the subject matter he does, and that alone makes him special. Also, watch out for his deft rhythm guitar work!

Led by the affable Warren Chan, Ferns is one of my favourite bands. When they play, it feels like autumn drizzle, like bonfires on a still cold night, like mornings just before sunrise. Full of subtle yearning melodies spun around heartfelt poetic lyrics, their sound just washes over you like sonic syrup. Sweet, youthful, nostalgic and totally unashamed about it, their album On Botany was one of my top ten favourite CDs of last year. For the launch, Ferns will perform a special acoustic set.

Made up of three or four of some of the most creative people I know, Bulimia is art punk, no-rules and biting socio-commentary! The freshly assembled group will be making its debut performance at the album launch! I'm terrified with giddy excitement!

Bernice Chauly
Poet, photographer, actress, filmmaker, teacher, writer, event organiser... and more... Bernice is a bona fide renaissance woman! I'm very happy to have her read some of her beautifully devastating poetry at the launch. Her recently released book of poems The Book Of Sins is nothing short of breathtaking, and her readings are always honest, to the bone, and revealing.

Priya K
An emerging poet whom I had the pleasure to accompany to last year's Singapore Writers Fest where she workshopped with Charlie Dark and then performed in front of a captive audience at The Arts House, I love the simple honesty and understated beauty of Priya's poetry. She reminds me of how moving words can be when one simply describes the things that matter. Priya will be selling her poetry zine to raise money for a trip to the UK to participate in a Malaysian-UK youth theatre exchange program... so make sure you support her!

By day she is Sarah Chan, prodigious writer and events editor for KLue magazine. By night, she is Sarchan, the coolest nicest girl, and also the inspiration behind the Malaysian Facebook phenomenon that is WILD! Already she has notched three DJ gigs under her belt... and she's only just started! For the album launch aftershow party, Sarchan will be spinning a friendly mix of everything indie, pop, alternative, disco, punk and '80s! Erstwhile photojournalist Danny Lim (formerly of Off The Edge, and an ex-flatmate of mine) and some friends will be helping out Sarchan at the DJ booth.

While he'll be helping out with Bulimia, the multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire and non-partisan super-bohemian that is the incomparable Aziz will be helping me out with my acoustic set on clarinet and concertina!

Hurray for mega-talented friends! I seriously love these people! I hope you will too! I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone perform and having a good time dancing afterwards. :-) Ah... life in music is sweets indeed!

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