06 April 2008
Adventures on YouTube!

On the previous Sunday, in between moments of getting our shit ready for the launch, Danny Lim, Ying Nee Ooi, Zedeck Siew and I hopped into a car to the edge of KL where Ooi Nee's house is to film some rough and raw DIY video clips for everyone's enjoyment. After polishing off a bucket of KFC and a box of Ayamas chicken after a somewhat drizzly afternoon, we got down to business as night descended and picked some spots in Ooi Nee's house to do the shoot. In the end, we shot three videos' worth, for the songs "Tomas", "This Excellent Love", and a new one that I recently wrote called "City of Mud" (especially for a close friend who's currently recovering from a pesky bout of illness).

If you're wondering why the audio is different from the songs that you hear on the album, it's because they were recorded live on the spot!

Here are the vids, in all their YouTub-ular gloriousness!
A mountain heap of thank yous go out to Danny, Ooi Nee and Zedeck!

This Excellent Love

City of Mud


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Blogger Refie Redz said...

I have become one of your fans after listening to your magnificent piece of work, "The Excellent Love". I loved it. Your type of songs is what I'm looking for, more like Shayna Zaid and Brendan James. But they will never perform here in KL. Shayna did but once in a blue moon. I'm looking forward for your upcoming concert! Keep up the good work! I'm impressed!

Blogger samedi! said...
Good stuff. It reaches deep.

Blogger JK said...
Thanks Refie and Samedi for your kind words! I hope you can come to some of the gigs I'm playing. :-)