28 April 2008
"This Excellent Love" #1 at Rentak Sejuta, Doppelganger, and bla bla...
The guys from Rentak Sejuta, a website dedicated to covering all sorts of music, have been busy covering concerts all over KL including my album launch at the Annexe, Acoustic Jaya@Jaya One, and Impulse@Republic last Saturday. I met husband and wife team Kumar and Anastasia who run the site and had wonderful conversations with them. They told me the other day that they were going to choose "This Excellent Love" as the #1 song for the Rentak Sejuta chart, which is determined by them... LOL... No SMS voting at all... ha ha ha

I'm also the Artiste Of The Month at Rentak Sejuta... :-p

Here's a clip of me performing "This Excellent Love" at Acoustic Jaya. Shot by the guys from Rentak Sejuta. :-) Thanks you guys!


For those who have been enquiring about where to buy my CD, unfortunately there's a bit of delay in getting it in the stores. Basically, I've been too busy at work to go to the distributor's office. It's terrible, I know. I should be more professional. I wish I had a car. LOL... but soon, I promise you.

For now, you can get the CD directly from me at the live gigs.

And since I'll be starting work at the Central Market Annexe soon, you can buy it directly from me there... :-)

I also managed to drop off some copies at the merchandise shop in KLPAC and the box office at The Actors Studio in Bangsar Shopping Centre. There'll be more shops that'll carry the CD in the coming months. :-)


I'll be performing this Sunday, 4 May, at Doppelganger at Marketplace, off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng... alongside Singletrackmind, Oh Chentaku, and Rasdan Harith... followed by an open mic section. I'm looking forward to it. :-) Always nice to play at a new venue.

After that, I'll be taking a little break from gigging; starting my new job at Central Market Annexe, and then going back to KK at the end of May for a one-week break. A friend asked me to launch the album in KK... ha ha ha... I'm not sure if KK's ready for the kind of music I make... At any rate, I'll be launching it for my family... at home... in front of the CD player and chicken... cause chicken is mum's favourite food... LOL.

But no fear. I'll be playing some more shows in KL in June and July! :-)

And possibly taking a posse of singer songwriters and poets from KL up to Penang... Penang yesterday was so nice... I miss that sea breeze!

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25 April 2008
Album Review from Kakiseni
Album review from Kakiseni. Original post here.


23. 04. 2008

Tembak: Jerome Kugan’s Songs For A Shadow by Zalina Lee

The problem with a lot of pop songs today is that while the beat is catchy, the singing occasionally impressive and the hooks infectious, one is still burdened by the problem of having to digest hollowly unsatisfying lyrics.

I mean, how often can you masticate over love and the circumstances leading up to, or leading from it? With song titles like “I’ll Never Break Your Heart” and “If You Had My Love” as well as “As Long as You Love Me”, one can really see the range of emotions being splashed out to the public to hear and enjoy. Wide as a bathtub.

If I’m leading you to the impression that I haven’t a romantic bone in my body, I sincerely apologise. That is, indeed, NOT my message. But the shallowness of love as described in pop songs can be tedious. And unimaginative.

At the other end of the spectrum, or pop-chart, you get these poet-songwriter-singers who try to cram in as many five-dollar words in fifty-dollar settings as possible. Yawn. After all, when you’re going to pen a song around your intimate thoughts, they should co-exist and correspond with each other. Unless dissonance and discord are the point, (which is usually NOT the case), a lot of songs fail to strike the right balance.

Jerome Kugan’s album Song for A Shadow seems to have no problems finding that balance. It is a sincere pleasure to pop in the CD and be able to enjoy not just the music, the beats, and the singing, but the content as well.

The opening number of the CD is a simple, yet heartfelt tune. Titled “I Like”, Jerome keeps it simple with a single acoustic guitar accompanying his singing, bringing forth the sincerity and purity of his vocals and lyrics. A beautiful promise of more to come.

The lyrical and rhythmical pleasure of his poetic verse is clear in “Song for a Service Industry”

You may not remember,
But circumstances will,

Tables don’t turn,
But monkeys can learn,
And I’ll wait for you…

Jerome has generously put the lyrics up on his blog to be shared, and also explains the background of each and every song on the album. It does make it rather redundant at this point for me to dissect his music from a lyrical point of view. For instance, he explains:

"“The Miracle" is the fourth song on the album. I wrote it when I was living in Setiawangsa (circa 2000, I think). It's half based on a dream and half cobbled together from my fascination with the phenomenon of miracles. I don't remember much about the dream now. But I do remember being quite fascinated by miracles while growing up a Catholic in Kota Kinabalu."

What you, the listener takes from the song itself may be entirely different from the source of its inspiration for the songwriter, or even my take on it. No one-way "love found, love lost" story-line here.

"Lightfalls", the seventh song in the album, is a stand-out piece, with only effects in the background, no instrumentation. Jerome’s haunting a capella singing, slightly distorted and resembling the sounds produced from gramophones of old, is a song I wouldn’t want to listen to at 3am. The song strikes that exact point between melodious and creepy, and is extremely effective.

Long thin shadows
Stretch all through the streets
Draped like oiled silk
To hide the thing beneath

"A Shadow", track nine on the album, is a slightly more experimental number. An irregular electronic beat is layered over the basic rhythm, clashing with each other, no so much that it annoys, but enough that it makes you sit up and pay attention. Probably the only thing that truly stands out about this number is that irregularity. An accident that got left in (based on his own comment about the song on his website) it has, of itself managed to create a somnambulic effect.

In fact, as I type out this review with it looping on in the background, I feel myself being hypnotized into a suspended state. I had to stop the player so I could get back on track. Hopefully, what I’ve managed to type out makes sense so far.

Overall, a very digestible album, with its acoustic-meets-electro-pop flavor, and its (happy) lack of sappy, unimaginative textual content. A definite must-buy.


You can download Songs for A Shadow for RM18.00 on popfolio here.

Zalina Lee sings, plays, lectures, mothers and writes. She also lunches with Kakiseni a lot.

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24 April 2008
The Magic Word
... continuing the series of posts on the songs from the album...

Song number ten is "The Magic Word".

In the past some of my friends have asked me "Why don't you write a song about me?" LOL. It's not out of the question because a few of my songs are specifically about people. But not so much focusing on a person, as about the situation he or she is in; and how that affected me. Ultimately, I can only write for myself. All art is subjective, I reckon, even when it's constructed with an illusion of objectivity or comes with instructions that tell the reader: It's your interpretation of this bunch of nonsense that reveals the story behind it. To me, nothing is free of subjectivity. The person who writes and the person who reads, and everyone who comes in between -- they all colour the experience in their own way.

"The Magic Word" I wrote sometime in 2005, about a guy I fell in love with. But I didn't really want to write lyrics that were too direct... ha ha ha... that seems to be a predictable trait with my songwriting... because my feelings were kinda ambivalent. I didn't know him that well, we were only together for a short time, and then we were apart. I was kinda sad that it didn't really go anywhere despite the intense connection we shared... LOL.

Anyway, he did ask the question. "Why don't you write a song about me?" or maybe it was more like "Would you ever write a song about me?" Being tactful, I answered, "Maybe." People can be quite sensitive.

It wasn't until much later... that the song came about, after a bit of time and distance...

I was back home in Kota Kinabalu, away from the hustle and bustle (and muscle) of the city, when I wrote it. I had come up with the chord progression earlier in KL, but didn't really had words for it. Names came up, seemingly out of nowhere. I guess it was a literal interpretation of writing a song that addressed a person, or in this case, a couple of people.

Anthony and Christopher were two poets I had a crush on in Australia. Ditto Joshua, though he wasn't a poet. And Daniel was the flame that inspired the song. LOL. I can't believe I'm writing this... anyway, originally the lyrics included women's names... but I had to focus the song in a personal way. And though there were other names that had more a personal meaning for me... I had to choose names with three syllables so they fit the vocal melody.

The chorus is, I guess, the part that clinched the song and gave it a somewhat broader meaning. It describes a loss of innocence, or a loss of something precious that had the power to transmute an experience into something else. And this was quite surprising. Because the song does change focus entirely when the chorus comes in. I wasn't expecting it when I wrote it. It wasn't really what I wanted to say, but it made it more meaningful in a way.

So, the names in the verses need not refer to lovers, or actual people, but memories, symbols of something else, what they stood for rather than who or what they are. It's the same approach as in "Tomas". I'm not sure what other people might interpret from the lyrics. Probably something vastly different. But that's OK. I like it when other people treat the songs like Rorschach tests... or texts... and find something completely different in them... that makes it more personal too for the listeners.

I don't perform the song live much because it's rather quiet and sad. It's the kind of song that, after you listen to it, you want to go somewhere quiet and pick over an old memory, wallow in some nostalgic cookie dough. Ha ha ha... but when it feels right, I like performing it. It's one of those songs that brings up a lot of muted emotions.

It's one of two songs on the album that was produced by Ariff Akhir, the other being "Flowers". These two songs were recorded in 2007, in one four-hour session, during which Ariff, his girlfriend Aida and I hung out at Ariff's apartment cum home studio in Bukit Antarabangsa, all with an easygoing vibe, talking and eating... I played him the two songs, Ariff wrote a basic beat track over which I played and sang, and he filled in the rest with impeccable arrangements. When he played me the mixes during another session, I was very happy with how the tracks turned out. We didn't change much at all... except fiddling with levels... that was about it. All in all, a successful collaboration.


The Magic Word

Anthony, where do we go from here
Your face is warm but my hands are freezing
Christopher, where do we go from here
Your voice is sad but you make me so happy

Once I knew a magic word that could
Change the world into a tiny worm
But then I learned so many words, I changed
My magic word it turned into a bird
Then flew away

Joshua, do you know what to do
Your eyes have died but I can still see you
Daniel, do you know what to do
You’re far away but you’re still deep inside me

Once I knew a magic word that could
Change the world into a tiny worm
But then I learned so many words, I changed
My magic word it turned into a bird
Then flew away

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22 April 2008
JK Live at Impulse and Little Penang Street Market
I got two gigs happening this weekend, on Saturday 26 April and Sunday 27 April. Both are FREE.

Impulse @ Republic, Sunway Pyramid New Wing, PJ
Saturday, 26 April, 8.30pm
Admission FREE
Check out this link

Impulse is an event organised by Junk magazine and sponsored by Heineken. There's been other Impulse events in the past, but this one's quite special cause it has an electronic music focus, in that all the acts are electro-based.

I'll be opening the show. So if you want to catch my set, you've got to come early. My slot starts at 9pm and will last for about half an hour. I'll be playing six all-new songs I've been writing using Nuendo since I finished recording the album. They're kind of inspired by personal events that happened earlier this year.

My setlist is:
1. Sugar
2. Fuck You Up
3. We Are Meant To Be
4. A Different Beat
5. Only One
6. Goodbye My Love

No encores, unfortunately. I don't really want to play my Cakewalk midi stuff. LOL.

The main headliner of the night is Astreal, a four-piece band from Singapore. I haven't had a chance to listen to their music so I can't describe it but I'm looking forward to hearing what they sound like. Also playing are the Lapsap DJs, Blink and Xu, who will be spinning a mishmash of electro, '80s, disco, punk, rock... everything... that's what Lapsap's known for... :-)

I probably won't be able to party afterwards... because I have to go home and sleep and wake up in time to get to the LCC-T to catch my early morning flight to Penang... because of...

Little Penang Street Market @ Upper Penang Road, Georgetown, Penang
27 April, 1pm
Admission FREE
Check out this link

I'm very excited about this... I've never played in Penang before... Actually, I've never played anywhere else but KL in Malaysia... strange, really, considering I've played in Singapore and Indonesia (and Australia back in the day). I haven't even played my hometown yet... the Sabahans are so going to hate me... LOL.

Anyway, I'm just going to Penang to play at this open-to-everyone Sunday arty kind of market for about half an hour, trying to sell my CD. I'll be playing an acoustic set... just me voice and guitar... maybe about 5 or 6 songs.

I'll be there with Amir Muhammad who's flogging the book he launched in March "New Malaysian Essays Vol. 1". Also some other friends from KL will be there. :-) After the show, I'm going to go hunting for really good Penang char kuey teow, with prawns the size of golfballs! I'm going to go food crazy!!!

One of the organisers of the market, James, sent me the following blurb about the market.

"Anyway, the little penang street market on sunday includes some amazing silat and kompang from Penang's Pertubuhan Seni Silat Pusaka Gayong Malaysia; features two of Penang's younger singing talents, in Daniel Boone de Silva and Darsha, story-telling with the irrepressible Lim Kean Chye (including a children's story he wrote when in prison), some great big band jazz with the Northern Jazz Ensemble and a cooking demonstration (nasi lemuni).

This is in the Space, where the entertainment takes place. We will also have some 60 stalls, displaying all sorts of crafts, traditional foods and hands-on activities. There will be a batik workshop, chinese lithography, and a wayng kulit demonstration. There will also be our usual display of three Penang artists in the Visual Arts Tent.

This sort of variety and wonder is a typical day at the street market. Don't forget, the last Sunday of every month in Upper Penang Road. All completely free and completely fantastic!"

Sounds like too much fun...

Ah... life... hope to see you at the gigs... :-p

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12 April 2008
Downtime... Post-Launch

Sorry to all who've been visiting my blog in the past two weeks. I haven't been able to update because the Internet connection at home has been down since a lightning storm that zapped my housemate Lennard's modem. Lennard's fine, btw -- it's the modem that didn't make it.


Anyway, to recap all that's happened in the past two weeks. We had the launch! Hurray! Ooi Nee did a rough head count and estimated that around 150 people turned up. Lots of familiar and new faces, supporters, curious friends of friends and... yes... the ones who came to party (you know who you are!). Thanks to all who came! And muchos gracias to all who bought CDs and supported local music. There were quite a few people for whom it was their first time watching an acoustic indie gig, so yep, I hoped it reached out to them peeps too. Yep, yep, yep. I think it's fair to say it was an all-round success. One word: excellent!

All the performers -- Azmyl Yunor (accompanied by Keng), Tan Sei Hon, Bulimia (Anum and her Chorus Boys Simon and Zedeck), Ferns (acoustic set, playing new songs too), Priya K (who sold almost all her zines), and Bernice Chauly, plus Aziz who accompanied me on trumpet and Shahril Nizam who came up onstage and sang a cover of Feist's "Let It Die" with me -- were amazing! I love you all... ah... and not the least, Sarchan and Danny Lim for playing those rocking tunes after the show. :-) It felt like a house party!

And let's not forget the wonderful setting! It was all Ooi Nee (who co-ordinated the launch), Lainie (who designed the space) and Danny (who helped with press and everything)... plus Pang Khee Teik (who oversaw from Annexe side, helped us out with everything... bringing lights and printing out the huge sticker of the album artwork with Benjamin McKay)... and all the volunteers who turned up -- Shefa, Mien Lor, Sharon Chin, Zedeck Siew, Hardesh Singh, Nikki Tok, Adlin Rosli and Ayu -- you guys rocked big time!

There are lots of photos of the event on Facebook... I didn't take many photos myself... not having a camera is one problem -- plus I was busy manning the sound desk that night... ha ha ha... I'll try to load up some pics when the Internet connection at home decides to do the Lazarus trick.

Thanks to the girl (Mei Ling!) who brought me the bag of gummy bears... that was such a sweet gesture. I shared them with my office mates who wanted to know where you got them... yum!

Acoustic Jaya

The weekend after the launch, on 18 and 19 April, at Jaya One (a new shopping-hangout hub opposite UTAR), I hosted a new singer songwriter showcase called Acoustic Jaya (Lennard and I came up with the name! LOL), which was organised as part of a Food Promo thingy that's happening at Jaya One until the end of May (if you come, you stand to get some nifty vouchers). Though attendance was kind of low... I kinda expected it cause of the rain rain rain and also cause Jaya One is still quite new and also because my Internet died and I couldn't send out invites and notices in time(!). LOL... anyway, the performers -- Azmyl Yunor, Tan Sei Hon, Estrella and yours truly -- had a lot of fun over the two nights. It's actually quite a nice venue, lots of space, a half-decent sound, good security, some nice eateries, and lots of parking! And it feels good to be part of the first arts-oriented event that's organised in such a supportive venue. FYI, Jaya One is also where PJ Live Arts is opening, sometime end of 2008 or early 2009. For those who don't know, PJ Live Arts is going to be an arts centre, with a 300-seater theatre, with offices housing some arts companies, academy and so forth. I reckon that when PJ Live Arts opens, the place will be bustling with all sorts of artsy folks.

For now, Acoustic Jaya is happening weekly until May. This week Friday and Saturday, 8.30pm to 10pm, features Ian Chow as host, presenting Nick Davis, Leo Selvaraj and Otam. :-) The week after will feature Acoustic Jaya Comedy Sessions featuring the Comeback Kings doing their stand up routine.

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07 April 2008
Appearance on ntv7's Breakfast Show + Songwriters Round 25
LOL. This was confirmed last minute... I will be appearing on ntv7's Breakfast Show on the morning of 5 April. I'm not sure exactly what time I'll be appearing, but the Breakfast Show is from 8am to 10am... usually my zombie phase...


I'm not sure who will be hosting the show... hmm... but they'll be asking me questions about the album and, time permitting, get me to perform a tune on the show... live... ha ha ha...

If they do ask me to play, I shall play "Tomas".


FYI, I shall also be playing for Songwriters Round 25, which will be happening this Friday 11 April at No Black Tie. I'll be performing alongside the wonderfully talented Reza Salleh and Paolo Delfino (who are both colleagues of mine at Freeform... ha ha ha) and Edwin & Albert! Thanks to Pete Teo for asking me to play!

For more info about the night and bios of all the performers: go to http://www.peteteo.com/weblog/?p=527

Admission fee is RM20 per person. You should book a table... call 03-2142-3737 or email noblacktie@gmail.com

See you there!

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06 April 2008
Dress Code: Fancypants!

Irman from the office put forth a query to me the other day... regarding the album launch dress code "fancypants"... LOL... specifically what constitutes as permissible within that oft-misunderstood code.

So: what is "fancypants"?

Well... a specific definition would be a pair of bifurcated garment that one doesn't usually wear, preferably flashier than one's usual taste in outerwear.

For instance, if one is a fan of loose, beige slacks with pleats, then fancypants in this case would/could be skinny purple corduroy pants that show off one's thighs, ass and crotch.

For someone who wears the latter on a regular basis, kudos to you -- in such case, perhaps "fancypants" could be something louder, with sequins, or a pair of really skimpy cutoffs, or a complete opposite fashion statement such as a pair of customised pyjama bottoms (dyed shocking pink for effect, and doused with liberal lashings of pearly marker -- not that pearly marker, mind you).

Leather pants can pass off as fancypants. Vinyl even better.
Furry, animal-print pants are perfect...

Colourful, hippy pantaloons of the sort that Markiza of Soft Touch has worn out in public can pass off as fancypants.

Those polyester pants that come with the baju Melayu ensemble can pass off as fancypants. Conversely, those funky trousers that are worn by Chinese lion dancers are definitely fancy. Basically, most ethnic trousers are pretty fancy in our urbanised milieu.

Loincloth, fundoshi, cawat, speedos, bicycle shorts are for the brave and confident... and although they don't cover much, I consider these fancypants... especially when paired with a burly pair of Doc Martens.

Gwen Stefani pants with bum flaps are definitely admissible as fancypants.

Expensive designer trousers are fancy anywhere... 'nuff said.

Pants that are part of a uniform ensemble... camos, sailor trousers, those shockingly tight traffic policeman pants with the wide chalkline running along the sides... when taken out of their usual contexts, can all pass off as fancypants!

White, skimpy, tennis shorts... yes, they are quite fancy... with the addition of colourful pantyhose or leggings, yes, definitely...

Torn denim jeans... well... if you rip more holes in it and wear bright red stockings under it, yes!

Shorts... well... since I wear these all the time, why not? But how about making it look louder by wearing a pair of bright soccer socks with it? :-)

Can a fancy skirt pass off as fancypants?

This one's to clarify some queries I've received from some girl friends who say they've got fancy skirts. Hmm... obviously a skirt is not bifurcated. But then again, who am I to be such a Nazi when it comes to these dress code thingies... am I like P Diddy, who turns people away if they're not wearing all white to his white parties? Certainly not.

So: the answer is yes, of course, you can wear fancy skirts!

Dresses, yes!

But then you've got to make it fancy, over the top, fabulous, fun and crazy, OK! Go princess!

This is not mean to be some subdued casual event... it's a party, goddarnit!

As for guys who asked whether or not they can wear sarongs... well, only if they're shockingly unpolite!

Kilts... yes... if you're scared to go commando like a real kiltie should, we won't hold it against you.

If you want to come in full drag, please do... we welcome all sorts!


At the end of the day, the "fancypants" code basically sketches out an attitude. Come with bold, brave fashion statements... that's really what it's saying...
And bring your cameras... no one should go un-immortalised wearing his/her fancypants!

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Adventures on YouTube!

On the previous Sunday, in between moments of getting our shit ready for the launch, Danny Lim, Ying Nee Ooi, Zedeck Siew and I hopped into a car to the edge of KL where Ooi Nee's house is to film some rough and raw DIY video clips for everyone's enjoyment. After polishing off a bucket of KFC and a box of Ayamas chicken after a somewhat drizzly afternoon, we got down to business as night descended and picked some spots in Ooi Nee's house to do the shoot. In the end, we shot three videos' worth, for the songs "Tomas", "This Excellent Love", and a new one that I recently wrote called "City of Mud" (especially for a close friend who's currently recovering from a pesky bout of illness).

If you're wondering why the audio is different from the songs that you hear on the album, it's because they were recorded live on the spot!

Here are the vids, in all their YouTub-ular gloriousness!
A mountain heap of thank yous go out to Danny, Ooi Nee and Zedeck!

This Excellent Love

City of Mud


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Album launch people!

Gearing up for the album launch... the wheels are in motion! The details are in the flyer on the blog's masthead. But just in case you need to read it again, it's happening on 12 April at The Central Market Annexe. The door opens at 8:30pm and performances start at 9pm sharp!

Aside from yours julie, the other performers who will be featured at the launch are among my favourite musicians, poets and human beings in KL.

Azmyl Yunor
My fellow Troubadours Enterprise partner-in-crime is also one of the hardest working singer songwriter/musician on the local indie music scene. Not only does he perform solo acoustic sets of his wonderful jangly (and often beautifully ruminative) songs about his life's adventures, he is also guitarist of Ciplak (one of my favourite experimental instrumental bands!) and member of EMACM (short for Experimental Artists And Musicians Co-op of Malaysia). He's currently recording his album.

Tan Sei Hon
My other Troubadours cohort, Sei Hon's one of the first singer songwriters I had the fortunate opportunity to meet in KL. Although he doesn't perform so often these days, whenever he does, I really think he's one of a kind. Engaging, sardonic and accomplished, his solo acoustic sets are a lyrical tour de force of social and class observations. Not many local singer songwriters dare tackle the subject matter he does, and that alone makes him special. Also, watch out for his deft rhythm guitar work!

Led by the affable Warren Chan, Ferns is one of my favourite bands. When they play, it feels like autumn drizzle, like bonfires on a still cold night, like mornings just before sunrise. Full of subtle yearning melodies spun around heartfelt poetic lyrics, their sound just washes over you like sonic syrup. Sweet, youthful, nostalgic and totally unashamed about it, their album On Botany was one of my top ten favourite CDs of last year. For the launch, Ferns will perform a special acoustic set.

Made up of three or four of some of the most creative people I know, Bulimia is art punk, no-rules and biting socio-commentary! The freshly assembled group will be making its debut performance at the album launch! I'm terrified with giddy excitement!

Bernice Chauly
Poet, photographer, actress, filmmaker, teacher, writer, event organiser... and more... Bernice is a bona fide renaissance woman! I'm very happy to have her read some of her beautifully devastating poetry at the launch. Her recently released book of poems The Book Of Sins is nothing short of breathtaking, and her readings are always honest, to the bone, and revealing.

Priya K
An emerging poet whom I had the pleasure to accompany to last year's Singapore Writers Fest where she workshopped with Charlie Dark and then performed in front of a captive audience at The Arts House, I love the simple honesty and understated beauty of Priya's poetry. She reminds me of how moving words can be when one simply describes the things that matter. Priya will be selling her poetry zine to raise money for a trip to the UK to participate in a Malaysian-UK youth theatre exchange program... so make sure you support her!

By day she is Sarah Chan, prodigious writer and events editor for KLue magazine. By night, she is Sarchan, the coolest nicest girl, and also the inspiration behind the Malaysian Facebook phenomenon that is WILD! Already she has notched three DJ gigs under her belt... and she's only just started! For the album launch aftershow party, Sarchan will be spinning a friendly mix of everything indie, pop, alternative, disco, punk and '80s! Erstwhile photojournalist Danny Lim (formerly of Off The Edge, and an ex-flatmate of mine) and some friends will be helping out Sarchan at the DJ booth.

While he'll be helping out with Bulimia, the multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire and non-partisan super-bohemian that is the incomparable Aziz will be helping me out with my acoustic set on clarinet and concertina!

Hurray for mega-talented friends! I seriously love these people! I hope you will too! I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone perform and having a good time dancing afterwards. :-) Ah... life in music is sweets indeed!

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