02 March 2008
New song on JK's MySpace + Remixes
Yesterday, I put up a new song on MySpace. It's my remix of "A Shadow". The original version arranged and produced by Hardesh Singh appears on the album. :-) The remix has a bit of a dubby drum n' bass trip hoppy kind of feel. I felt it suited the vocal part. Go and listen to it!

More news on remixes of "A Shadow".

Ergo Phizmiz, a most prolific remixer/producer/experimental sonic shaman from the UK (if you haven't checked out his stuff yet, please do!), emailed me yesterday saying he's finished with his remix of the song. I haven't heard it yet but he described it as "kind of like a couple of percussionists dying, with two aged analogue synth players with one finger each, a thundersheet, a bunch of wailing women, then Jerome Kugan over the top." LOL. Sounds like my cup of tea... yes sir. Can't wait!

Meanwhile, on the local front, Transient Vortex will be pushing their remix of "A Shadow (Transient Vortex vs. Jerome Kugan)" to local radio stations. Hopefully that will get some radio play. I've mentioned on this blog previously that the Vortex version has a 2-step beat, with that special '80s synth pop vibe. I really liked it when Sugs and Sam played it to me. Those guys are great.

There are more remixes on the way: two from Goh Lee Kwang and one from Elias Rose. I've heard them - sonic gold, sonic gold... :-)

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