21 February 2008
New words and beverage
Last Saturday after the book launch gig at Central Market where I played three songs, me and a couple of friends trudged over to Shahril's flat for an intimate gathering to drink, play games and listen to music (I'm leaving out one of our activities because it's not meant for public knowledge; thanks Brian!). Anyway, while Danny, Daniel, Zedeck and Grace played chua tai ti, Anum, Shahril, Sharon and I played Scrabble, using Shahril's tiny airplane Scrabble set. After fumbling with the alphabet tiles for a bit, I got into the rhythm of the game, eventually winning... ha ha ha... but it was one of the longest games on earth... Scrabble should not be played under the influence.

Anyway, what I remembered most from the little party, aside from the beautiful company, were two things: new words and a new beverage.

The new words came from the Scrabble game. While waiting my turn, I played with the tiles I had, making up words. Here they are, with definitions.

Gwimp, noun. A wimp who is also a gimp.

Petgasm, noun. Orgasm through petting.

Trandy, noun. A randy tranny.

, noun. A wet gasp. (Sorry, I'd already gotten over it by the time this one came along.)

Anum looked at "wetgasp" and saw "wet gaps". I swear that girl... Anum also came up with:

Juttous, verb. Something that juts out. For example, "Her endowments were prodigiously juttous."

Here's how I remembered these useless details.


Before, during and after the game, we raided Shahril's pantry (he has an extensive collection of teas) looking for beverages. After Scrabble, needing to sober for the long journey home, Grace, Sharon and me experimented with making concoctions. Inspired by the jar of coffee and can of cocoa Shahril had, I made a mix of coffee and cocoa... which I believe is called a mocha... ha ha ha... but we had ours sugary black. :-)

I call this exciting new drink: Cocoffee.

How to make Cocoffee

1 teaspoon instant coffee
1 teaspoon powdered cocoa
2 teaspoons sugar

Boil some water. Spoon ingredients into an average-sized mug. When water has boiled, pour it into the mug, about 3/4 full. Stir. Add more ingredients if you want. Cream is optional (cream just means milk, duh).


I know it's tempting but I don't think Milo should be used as substitute for cocoa. It wouldn't do justice to the dark magic of Cocoffee. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of the Cocoffee... but if you find time to experiment, please put up pics of it...

Anyway... that's it from the exciting lab... I'll be helping out my friend Chris this weekend shooting some photos for his new film. Yay! Something to do on the weekend finally.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I heart cocoffee :)