28 February 2008
(Continuing the series of posts on songs appearing on the album. Here's the seventh one! For songs number one to six, check the January archive.)

Lightfalls is a bit of an experiment. I don't really know how to explain it. While recording the album with Hardesh, I knew I wanted one song on the album to be sung a capella. It's one of the strange things I like to do while performing live. I do it because that's how I started performing back in the 90s (yes, I'm old). I wrote and sang all these stupid little a capella songs. The only time I ever busked was at Glebe Market in Sydney. I was staying with a friend and was really broke and to earn my dinner money that night I went down to the flea market and sang for two hours with a bit of a flu. I got about twenty bucks which was nice. But I don't think I could ever busk again but I really like performing a capella. It's very liberating. I think people should sing all the time. I really love impromptu performances.

Anyway, I really like how my a capella stuff gets people feeling very divided. Or even indifferent. I met a poet during a recent trip overseas who commented that she didn't think I sang very well a capella. Ha ha ha... my ego took a bruising, yes. But I guess it takes more than a not-so-positive comment to knock me off the stubborn chair. This was the song she heard me sing that made her made the comment. LOL... and here it is on the album. ha ha ha... perhaps I shouldn't be mentioning that incident... but ha ha ha ... it's a humbling experience. Needless to say, I avoided her as much as was possible for the rest of the trip. (giggle)

When I wrote Lightfalls, I wanted it to be a moment to rest the ear. I like albums that let your ears rest. Like an interlude. An inhale. And I wrote it with that mood in mind. It's a little bit of an impressionist doodle. A song that wears its secrets under the skin.

The recording session at Hardesh's studio when we did this song (sometime in October last year, I think) was the fastest. But in a way it lingered for a while untouched. As the other tracks came together, I suggested to Hardesh to add simulated static. Make it sound crackly like old vinyl. After some manipulating, I sat on it for a while. And it wasn't until close towards the end of the production after I got the idea to place a field recording of some traffic sounds I had made under the vocal... that it came together.

CL Toh made a comment when I met him with Hardesh at his mastering studio, that he was spooked out by this song when he was along mastering the CD at night. That it was like part of some scary movie soundtrack. Ha ha ha...



Light falls
I see the buildings growing distant
As the people lock their doors
A shadow moves among the curtains
The moon is hiding all the stars

Light falls
In every shadow passing over
A breath of sadness hides another
Years are spent to be with no one
To dream of cities of the night

Long thin shadows
Stretch all through the streets
Draped like oiled silk
To hide the thing beneath

Long thin shadows
Slip through each unknown
Shiny as a gun
To show what lies undone

Over the houses now we fly
With wings of marble in the sky

Light falls
I feel the trembling of the darkness
A single light gleams like a pearl
The endless pacing of a stranger
Who walks like me until we sigh

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