28 February 2008
Album launch
Oh yeah - you may have noticed the new blogmast - yes that's the date and venue for the album launch. I'll be putting up more info about who's performing and what's happening at the launch in the coming weeks. In the meantime, save up some cash...

Ha ha ha... and the CD's not even done yet... ha ha ha... but seriously, the girl from the CD printer picked up the CDs for the audio master and artwork from me today. Hurray for pick-up and delivery!

Should be done in about three weeks... well, that's what she said anyway... but it should be done in time for the launch... lol... unless I bungle it up meself...

Oh and yes, of course, the image in the blogmast next to the album launch details is the cover artwork for the CD illustrated by none other than Shahril Nizam.