17 January 2008
Transient Vortex "Shadow" remix and Album cover art
I got a message from Samlaleo Singh of Transient Vortex saying he's halfway through with his drum n' bass remix of "A Shadow". I'm very excited. All youse Malaysian drum n' bass fans should check out TV's recently released album Timelines Between Separation. TV's also got a few other remixes coming out soon featuring a very diverse group of Malaysian artistes including Melissa Indot, One Buck Short, Pop Shuvit, The Fabulous Cats and Jaclyn Victor, etc. Good stuff, indeed.


In other news, Shahril Nizam who's illustrating and designing the cover of the album sent me a pdf file yesterday, revealing what he's been up to in his home studio.

That's just a tiny bit of it. The whole thing is gorgeous. But everyone will just have to wait until it's properly done up and stuff... which shouldn't be too long now. :-)

Meanwhile, I shall be hobnobbing at China White's official opening tonight as a journo! (The things we do for rezeki.)

On Saturday, it's back to Hardesh's studio for a final finetuning of the tracks before taking it to the mastering dude.

And a little shout out to a friend who got admitted into hospital yesterday: I hope you get better T. Here's every pixel of harmonious vibe going out your way! XOXO

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
i prefer this one, bro.
send me the cd, or call me, i can pick it up from your office.