13 January 2008
Songs For A Shadow - album update
It is still in the process, yes. Still listening, mixing, contemplating. But aiming for February soft release now, in time for the Matahari book launch at Central Market Annexe on 16 Feb. But that's still an if.

I burnt a few copies of the unmastered mixes for a few ears to have a listen to. So far it's on Azmyl Yunor's high rotation. LOL.

And though it might not mean all that much for anyone who hasn't heard the songs, this is the final tracklisting for the album:

01. I Like
02. Tomas
03. This Excellent Love
04. The Miracle
05. Flowers
06. Song For The Service Industry
07. Lightfalls
08. Mother
09. A Shadow
10. The Magic Word
11. The Little Cat Song

Muna Noor of KL's Juice mag asked me if "The Little Cat Song" has a tragic ending. I can happily state here that the cat does not meet a grisly fate. :-)

On another note, Shahril Nizam, who's been helping me putting together the new Poetika (which is stalled for now because of funding issues), will be doing the cover art for the CD. Which makes me very happy. Because I love his illustrations.

More updates in the foreskinable future.

And for those who are into plant porn, I shall soon be posting sexy pics of my faux IKEA bonsai, whom I have christened Melvil (after French actor Melvil Poupaud who starred in Francois Ozon's Time To Leave Le Temps Qui Reste). Watch out!

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Glad to see you blogging regularly! The raw album is on high rotation on my playlist too :)

Blogger Jerome Kugan said...
LOL... blogging is rather fun. Thank you for your kind words, Sharanya. I shall be posting you a copy of the CD when it's done. ;-)