17 January 2008
A show to look forward to
Since I won't be able to afford to go see neither Suzanne Vega (whom I've been listening to since 1987) in Singapore nor Bjork (since 1994) in Jakarta, because I need to save my money to pay for the CD mastering and printing, I'll be all geared up to go see the Soundscape Records Labrador show at KL Performing Arts Centre on 25 January.

Not that it's any lesser than the two abovementioned women. In fact, I think it'll be quite fun. In addition to the two Swedish acts Club 8 and Pelle whose music reminds me of Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura, there's Ferns (whose debut album last year was one of my favourites of 2007) and Couple (who never fail to put a smile on my face when I see them perform). So, yep, four fun indie pop rock acts for a very reasonable admission price. I'll definitely be there! :-) And I hope anyone reading this will come too!

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