25 January 2008
Season of new CD releases
It's really a boon for Malaysian music this first quarter of 2008. And I reckon it'll be a real harvest year for wonderful music releases by first timers and veterans. Here's three albums of note to kick start the year.



Tommorrow, on 26 Jan, Ian Chow and Tracy Wong will launch their collabo-album He Says, She Says at KLPAC, playing their songs live, with guest performances from Sei Hon, Otam, Suk Yin, Tony Leo and Ariff Akhir. It's happening 8.30pm at KLPac's IndiCine (2nd floor). Admission RM10.

Here's a peek at the cover for the CD.

Plus a little blurb from Ian: "Ease yourself into a summery blend of soulful melodies and breezy folk-pop/rock. Without pessimism and affectation, Ian and Tracy, two Malaysian singers-songwriters, simply show the full range of their eclectic influences over the 13 songs from their debut album." Tan Sei Hon mentioned to me the other day that it sounds great. I can't wait to hear it. Ever since hearing "It's OK" that he included on the Voices From Next Door compilation CD, I've been waiting for more stuff from the Ian (and now with Tracy!) vault of uplifting tunes.



Estrella, one of my favourite bands around, because they write delicate songs that are simply delightful to listen to, recently put out their debut album. And they'll be launching it at Centro@Sooka Sentral (next to KL Sentral) on 31 January, next Thursday, 8pm. I'm listening to the album now. Very nicely done. Nice and breezy. With Liyana's sweet voice. Perfect to listen on a lazy Sunday afternoon. :-)



While I was at the Soundscape Labrador gig at KLPAC, I met Euseng Seto aka Flica at the merchandise booth hawking his latest CD called Windvane & Window. Wonderful ambient electropop stuff. I've been listening to it. Really quite beautiful mellow stuff. Nice. Definitely a CD that's going on my fave playlist. Click on the links to read more about the CD and where you can buy it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
hey jerome! thanks so much for putting in a good word for ian and i. we really appreciate your support. hope you'll like our songs! (you can soon buy our album from klpac and the actors studio bangsar)


Blogger JK said...
Hi Tracy,

Congratulations to you and Ian on launching your CD! And thanks for dropping by. I can link to your blog now!

And good luck on the trip to France! Sounds exciting!

Cheers, JK

PS: Looking forward to hearing the CD!