26 January 2008
"The Book of Sins" by Bernice Chauly

I was at Seksan's Gallery in Tempinis, Bangsar this afternoon for the readings which celebrated its third birthday today. Was also there to show some support for poet friend Bernice Chauly (who is not only a poet BTW; she's also writer, photographer, actor, more...) who launched her second book of poems called The Book Of Sins. I'm very happy for her. I've always liked Bernice's work, ever since I first saw her perform her poems about three years ago. Very disarming. Makes you think about how painful it is to be alive, and how satisfying it is to hear someone state it so convincingly in such lean verse that cuts straight to the core of it. The poems in her new book, some of which were written by Bernice about her mum who passed away this past year, are definitely representative of Bernice as a person and artist. Shahril Nizam who designed and layed out the book, mentioned that, when he read them, the poems made him feel as though like an intruder being afforded a very intense glimpse into the deepest part of another person's life. I don't know about you but you can't ask for a better reaction than that. One more time: Congratulations, Bernice!

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