21 December 2007
Recording is finally done!
After almost two years of recording (with cigarette breaks in between!), recording sessions on my album have come to a close. I was at Hardesh's home studio last night recording a new vocal take for "Mother".

I also heard his arrangements for "The Miracle" and "The Little Cat Song".

"The Miracle" has this beatbox as a backbeat that sounds kind of cool in a weird way. It was only meant to be like a guide for "real" beat. But I guess in a way it seems more out there so it made the grade. "Cat Song" sounds quite cute.

Among other news, I've been asking friends to remix "A Shadow". So far, I've been getting back some cool stuff from Goh Lee Kwang (Malaysia) and Elias Rose (Indonesia). I'm looking forward to potential remixes from Bear Garden (Thailand) and Ergo Phizmiz (UK). Ooh look at me namedropping. LOL. But I'm proud to be checking these guys cause they all make cool music. If you have the time, do check em out.

Speaking of remixes, I did one on my own during my day off from work yesterday. I put it up on my DList page because I found it to be a better online player than MySpace.

Anyone reading this who'd like to have a go at remixing "A Shadow" can email me. LOL.

Anyways, me and my producer Hardesh Singh are pushing to get the album all mixed before the end of December. And then onto mastering in January. Hopefully it'll be out by end of February or March. But you know these things; they follow their own schedule. But it will come out next year, most definitely.

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